Go to “onOffice > Estates” and click on the tab “Detail View”.

Save the view and then copy the shortcode from the top. Paste the shortcode on a WordPress page which you want to use as the estate detail page. Create a new page for this, if needed.

The detail page needs to know which estate to show. If you preview the detail page, the estate ID will be missing. However, if you are logged in, you will be shown a link to an estate, so that you can preview the working detail page.

Note that for the detail page to work correctly, you need to have set the permalinks to “Post name”. This is the default setting in WordPress.


Go back to “onOffice > Estates” and click on the tab “Detail View”. Similar to the estate list, you have some fields from onOffice enterprise that you can display.

The first field list is for the contact person. Below that is the field list for the information to show about the estate. You can choose fields from the left and add them to the right side and reorder them, just like estate list fields.

If you want to show similar estates on the detail page, go to the tab “Similar Estates” and check the first box to activate them. You can then control what similar estates to show and what fields will be listed for them.

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