Configure the API user

The plugin requires an API user to access your onOffice enterprise. If you do not have one yet, please contact for more information.

Please ensure that the permissions of the API user are set correctly (as shown in the following picture) and generate an API token and secret. You can find a detailed description in the documentation for the onOffice enterprise API module.

For "Properties" the setting "Properties read" is set to "all", "Can only see properties published on the website" is unchecked, and for "Contacts management" the setting "Can only see contacts published on the website" is unchecked.

Copy the token and secret for the next step.

Install the plugin

Install the plugin “onOffice for WP-Websites” on your website and activate it.

You will see a warning about missing credentials. Go to “onOffice > Settings” and enter the API token and secret. When the plugin can successfully connect to onOffice enterprise, the warning disappears.

Next step: Estate lists