You can add the contact form to the detail page. Go to “onOffce > Estates” and open the detail view settings. In the section “Layout & Design” you can select one of your contact forms. In the form’s settings, you can check “Set Estate Context as Heading” from the box “Form Specific Options” to put a heading above the form with the estate’s title and ID.

Preview the detail page by going to your estate list and clicking on an estate. Visitors can now send a request for this specific estate.

There are two specialties that happen when you use a contact form on a detail page. First, if the estate has a contact person, the email will be sent directly to them instead of the email that is given in the form’s settings. Also, while the estate’s ID will be included in the email, the plugin cannot link the address it creates to that estate. So if “Create Address” is active, you still need to open the email in onOffice enterprise or use the Request Manager to connect the address to the estate.