Add a contact form (inquiry form) by navigating to onOffice > Estates and opening the detail view. In the box “Layout & Design” you can select the desired contact form. 

In the form’s settings, in the “Form specific options” box, you can tick the “Property context as heading” setting to show a heading above the form with the property title and ID.

There are two special features when you use a contact form in the detail view:

  • If a contact person is linked to the property, the email will be sent directly to their email address.
  • The ID of the property will be attached to the e-mail, but the plugin cannot establish a connection between the address and the property. If “Create address” is activated, you have to open the email in onOffice enterprise or use the Request manager to link the address to the property.

As soon as a contact person of the broker type is assigned to the property, the mails are always sent directly to this contact person. If no contact person is assigned, the e-mail that is stored in the form settings will be used.

  • It can be added for all forms in the “Special fields” GDPR (checkbox), where you can set the default value, a custom label and the mandatory field.
  • In onOffice enterprise, the Double Opt In option should also be enabled.

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Currently, the success and error messages are directly in the form and need to be adjusted here. An extra PHP file can be created in which these are designed separately. This must then be “required” in the form file.