In onOffice > Settings you can choose if you want to use OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. For Google Maps, you need to enter an API key. Refer to the Google Maps documentation for details.

Show properties on the map

In order to display properties on the map, it must be enabled for this purpose in onOffice enterprise. In the “Marketing” tab, check the “Show on map” checkbox in the “Own website” box.

In the box “Share address”, you must also set “Portals / Website / API” to “yes”. Otherwise the property will not appear on the map on the website.

The map will be shown automatically as long as there are properties that meet the above conditions. The map can be hidden by unchecking “Show estate map”.

  • No API key stored in the plugin
  • Means of payment in Google Cloud Platform expired/invalid (ClientBillingNotEnabledMapError) or (BillingNotEnabledMapError).
  • The domain is not enabled for the API key stored in the plugin

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The map is automatically displayed as long as there is a property for which the following things are entered/active:

  • API Key for Google Maps stored in the settings in the WordPress backend.
  • In onOffice enterprise, in the “Marketing” tab, in the “Own website” box, check the “Show on map” setting.
  • Address sharing for “Portals / Website / API” in onOffice enterprise. (If release of the exact address is not desired, the fictitious addresses can be used).

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