Basic data as shortcode

You can display fields from basic data in onOffice enterprise on your website. For example, you can display your main email address in your imprint, if you customize it in onOffice enterprise, it will be automatically updated on your website.

To display this data you can use the following shortcode:

  • [oo_basicdata title]
  • [oo_basicdata firstname]
  • [oo_basicdata lastname]
  • [oo_basicdata firma]
  • [oo_basicdata postcode]
  • [oo_basicdata city]
  • [oo_basicdata street]
  • [oo_basicdata housenumber]
  • [oo_basicdata state]
  • [oo_basicdata country]
  • [oo_basicdata phone]
  • [oo_basicdata mobil]
  • [oo_basicdata fax]
  • [oo_basicdata email]
  • [oo_basicdata homepage]
  • [oo_basicdata vertretungsberechtigter]
  • [oo_basicdata berufsaufsichtsbehoerde]
  • [oo_basicdata handelsregister]
  • [oo_basicdata handelsregisterNr]
  • [oo_basicdata ustId]
  • [oo_basicdata bank]
  • [oo_basicdata iban]
  • [oo_basicdata bic]
  • [oo_basicdata chamber]