Basic configuration

Go to onOffice > Estates and edit your estate list. In the field list on the bottom right, expand the field “Property class” by clicking on the arrow on the right.

To add this field to the search as a filter, you can check “Show in search”.

Advanced configuration

When the “Invisible” setting is selected, the field will not be displayed in the search. This is helpful for developers who make template customizations and want to filter this field via query parameters. For security reasons, all filterable fields must be explicitly selected.

Fields from “Category” can be reduced to values shared in onOffice enterprise by setting “Hide empty values from onOffice enterprise“. Visit our plugin demo, here you can see at object type all object types available in onOffice by default. If “Hide empty values from onOffice enterprise” is active and there are no “Hospitality” enabled for the website, “Hospitality” will not be available for selection for the website visitor.

  • No API key stored in the plugin
  • Means of payment in Google Cloud Platform expired/invalid (ClientBillingNotEnabledMapError) or (BillingNotEnabledMapError).
  • The domain is not enabled for the API key stored in the plugin

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The map is automatically displayed as long as there is a property for which the following things are entered/active:

  • API Key for Google Maps stored in the settings in the WordPress backend.
  • In onOffice enterprise, in the “Marketing” tab, in the “Own website” box, check the “Show on map” setting.
  • Address sharing for “Portals / Website / API” in onOffice enterprise. (If release of the exact address is not desired, the fictitious addresses can be used).

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